Temperature Management

Each varietal of wine tastes better at its ideal serving temperature. Yet most consumers will not memorize a complex table of temperatures for each varietal. More commonly, wine consumers ascribe to the rule of thumb that red wines should be served at "room temperature" and whites should be served "chilled".

However, today's "room temperature" is usually upwards of 68o F. (20o C.) and typically closer to 75o F. (24oC.). Therefore, red wine that should be served at 64o F. may be actually served more than 10o warmer than preferred. For white wines, many consumers rely on refrigeration for chilling. Yet, refrigerators are typically set between 35o and 38o F. - too cold to fully enjoy - and approximately two hours are required to return a refrigerated bottle to proper serving temperature - a long time to wait to enjoy your wine.

The Pek Wine Steward takes all the complexity and guesswork out of serving wine at its perfect temperature with the industry's first patent-pending temperature control system designed for the consumer market.  With The Pek Temperature Management SystemTM , you simply set the temperature control for the varietal you are currently enjoying.