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Therm Au Rouge STD

Do you own a wine fridge? Most are set at one temperature that is usually too cold for reds!

To get the full bouquet and flavor from a red wine it must be served at the proper temperature.

The Therm Au Rouge is the perfect solution. Therm Au Rouge gently warms red wine to the perfect temperature.

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Item # TAR05

List Price:   $19.99

  • "The wine without Preservino wine preservation was unswallowable after 14 days. The wine with Preservino wine preservation was still very good to drink."
    Georg Riedel - President, Riedel Crystal
  • "With Preservino, the wine stays perfectly fresh, so we can pour it with confidence for many days! Preservino has eliminated all of the spoilage in our Wine by the Glass Program!”
    Lidia Valledor - Cafe Zoetrope,Francis Ford Coppola Presents, San Francisco, CA
  • Preserves wine at least 10 days in our test.......(with the Preservino)You don't have to resist the urge to open a great bottle for fear that what's left will go bad......Wine shelves aren't short on gizmos.........but the tools that make the most sense to us are the ones that manage the one element wine has a love-hate relationship with: oxygen.
    Sunset Magazine-Sara Schneider (Wine Editor)