Preservino products are: “Best in Class for Wine by the Glass”

The moment you open a bottle of wine, exposure to air begins to change the wines flavor, color and aroma. Preservino uses 100% Argon gas to lock in freshness.

Argon is the gas preferred by winemakers, and experts agree: argon gas is the very best way to preserve opened wine. “Argon gas is infinitely more effective than vacuum, and 80% more effective than Nitrogen systems.”

Along with perfect preservation, Preservino also offers world leading temperature management technology. Our VinoVault and Supremo models gently and accurately ensure that your wine is served at the perfect temperature.

With Wine Refrigerator models starting at $199.95 Preservino offers most effective technology at a price everyone can afford.

The Preservino can preserve multiple bottles allowing you to pair different wines and foods in an evening. You can open a white wine with your appetizer, a red wine with your entrée and a dessert wine and never waste a drop. The Preservino uses 100% argon gas to replace air in the opened bottle—

Patented “Click & Pour” technology means that individual glasses can be poured directly through the stopper, without losing the Argon gas. “Click & Pour” saves up to 67% in Argon gas usage.

Open a bottle today and revel in the same delicious taste many days later without spoilage. Preservino products allow you to open your fine wines more often, knowing that you’ll enjoy every drop.


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