"The wine without Preservino wine preservation was unswallowable after 14 days. The wine with Preservino wine preservation was still very good to drink."
Georg Riedel - President, Riedel Crystal

"With Preservino, the wine stays perfectly fresh, so we can pour it with confidence for many days! Preservino has eliminated all of the spoilage in our Wine by the Glass Program!”
Lidia Valledor - Cafe Zoetrope,Francis Ford Coppola Presents, San Francisco, CA

Preserves wine at least 10 days in our test.......(with the Preservino)You don't have to resist the urge to open a great bottle for fear that what's left will go bad......Wine shelves aren't short on gizmos.........but the tools that make the most sense to us are the ones that manage the one element wine has a love-hate relationship with: oxygen.
Sunset Magazine-Sara Schneider (Wine Editor)

It really works!.......Unabashed praise for products that actually live up to the hype......The Pek Preservino.
National Post (Toronto, Canada)

"The Pek Wine Steward Prevents wine from spoiling by injecting Argon , an inert gas, into the bottle before sealing it airtight"
Brendan I. Koerner - NY Times

“This new gadget is a single-bottle system that both hinders oxidation and keeps wine at proper serving temperature.”
Nick Fauchald, Wine Spectator

The Pek Wine Steward “uses inert gas and temperature control to keep wine full of flavor for up to two weeks.”
Lisa McLaughlin, Time Magazine

“A test by the Chicago Sun-Times noted that the wine stayed fresh for more than two weeks.”
Chicago Sun Times

“Imagine how enjoyable your next glass will be; perfectly preserved and at ideal temperature.”
The Wine Enthusiast

This amazing unit will chill and preserve a bottle of wine for 10 days.........
International Wine Accessories

When I received a Pek Preservino as a gift, I was very pleased but skeptical. I love to have a glass of wine, but have always hated the pressure to finish the bottle or risk losing taste. Your product solved that problem for me. I even put it to the test with my friends. I served wine to each guest, one glass from a freshly opened bottle and one glass from a bottle opened 3 days earlier and re-sealed with my Preservino. No one could tell the difference - including me! I think your product is terrific. Cheers!
Lisa Yang, West Hills, CA

“Pek Preservation Systems offers a stylish and compact solution for the aficionado.”
Heather John, Bon Appetit Magazine

“. . . the untreated bottles were tired, and the taste had degraded, while the bottles that were treated with the Pek System had the same freshness as when they were first opened.”
Ray Johnson, Assistant Director of S.F. Chronicle Wine Competition

The Pek system is FAR AND AWAY the best thing I've used to preserve wine. My tasting room staff is happy, because the Pek system keeps our wines fresh and delicous.
Dennis De La Montanya - Owner De La Montanya Winery

We tested The Wine Steward on a bottle of Covey Run Winery's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon..........after two weeks, the wine tasted as fresh as the day the cork was popped.
Andy Perdue - Wine Press Northwest

As importers of rare, high-end Italian wines, the quality of our samples is of paramount concern. Not only are samples hard to get, but they are expensive to air-freight. Therefore we need to “stretch” them out by keeping them in pristine condition from opening through to the last taste. The PEK argon system does an amazing job of preserving opened wines; some have gone as long as two weeks without discernable degradation when compared to freshly opened samples. Clients also are impressed that we take such good care of our wines, and we are quick to point out that they could benefit from using the PEK argon system on wines they serve by the glass.
Kent Calkins-Owner, Salvia Bianca Imports

I tested the PEK System for amonth and found that it kept a nice bottle of red wine in great condition
Michelle Moran- Gourmet Retailer Magazine, Editors Choice,

With either system, not much larger than a carafe, wine will maintain its bouquet and freshness........Argon gas has been found to be more effective than nitogen for this purpose."
New Jersey Countryside Magazine

The Pek Wine Steward Supremo model “offers the most effective wine preservation and serving temperature management available to consumers today.”
L.A. Daily News

“We are currently using the Wine Steward nightly to preserve 4 bottles of high-end wines, and maintain each at its perfect serving temperature and taste. Customer reaction has been great, and the sales of the Wine Steward have created another revenue stream for my tasting room.”
Marshal Walker, Tasting Room Manager Off the Map Wines, Rutherford, CA

“The Pek Wine Steward allows my wife and I to have 1-2 glasses of good wine with dinner each night without wasting the rest of the bottle, which can be quite a lot of money.”
Robert Schmitt Long Valley, NJ

(in the unpreserved bottle) "The red..........changed utterly ........... The fruit notes, slid into an acrid almost metallic state, hugging the edges of the tongue.But the same wine, after being injected with a protective argon gas blanket...............tasted to my palate just as it had when it was first uncorked."
Philip A. Stephenson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette