Previous Approaches

Hand Pump

Hand Pump Products

Pump-based products are simply not capable of creating a complete vacuum within the bottle and since they can not evacuate the oxygen the oxidation process will continue. Besides being of limited effectiveness in reducing oxidation, these products are also not designed as part of a complete system for opened wine that manages the temperature of a given varietal at its ideal serving temperature.

Inert Gas

Manual Inert Gas Products

When correctly and consistenty applied, a "blanket" of inert gas on the wine surface is an effective approach to reducing oxiation as it can create an oxygen barrier. However, manually administered inert gas preservation products - such as those available to consumers before the introduction of the Pek Wine Steward - cannot guarantee a consistent blanket of gas on top of the wine surface because of variability of application of the inert gas.

With manually administered inert gas preservation products, the user is tasked with making certain an adequate amount of gas is applied; it is applied at the correct distance and angle relative to the wine surface and bottle, and that no turbulence is created to mix in extra air. Finally, the user must rapidly reinsert the cork, without allowing oxygen to re-enter the bottle in the process. Users of such products have also noted that the applicator straw is difficult to to properly attach to the spray nozzle and can fall off (into the wine bottle!), get lost, is difficult to tape back onto the side of the can for storage, and is generally unattractive.

Such products are also not designed as part of a solution to manage wine temperature at its ideal serving temperature.

Professional Wine Cabinets

Professional Wine Cabinets

Most "high-end" or professional wine cabinets are quite effective at reducing the rate of wine oxidation and some are also designed to manage serving temperature. Yet, these products typically cost thousands of dollars and require several feet of kitchen or counter top space, and are therefore not a viable option for most consumers.